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Environmental Drilling

Environmental Drilling

Because Earth Tech Drilling specializes in environmental drilling services we have the latest equipment and techniques to meet your project’s needs. Our technological expertise and knowledge of environmental rules and regulations means you can be confident your project’s environmental drilling solution is sound and safe.

Because each drilling project has a unique environment, we rigorously assess your project and formulate the best approach to meet your needs. Whether you are drilling a small borehole or monitoring well, taking soil samples, we can help you. Our team will ensure your project is a success, with improved health and safety conditions and reduced environmental impact.

We have a high-quality environmental drilling services team, providing a range of state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to suit your environment. Our range of equipment can work in environments with limited access (10’ clearance) or sites that require a small foot-print. Based on your site and the results you need, we select the best methods, equipment and the best people. Our highly experienced team becomes your team, combining speed and safety to do the job efficiently and economically.

Our environmental drilling teams are highly trained to comply with the latest industry and environmental laws and regulations. We also have a Loss Prevention System (LPS) in place and all our technical staff undergoes regular health and safety training.

With the experience of successfully managing thousands of environmental drilling projects, we have a track record of meeting complex challenges with innovative solutions.

To ensure the right approach for your project’s success, contact Earth Tech Drilling.

Environmental Drilling Services

Well Installation
Cluster Wells
Vapor Extraction Wells
Monitoring wells
Injection wells
Recovery Wells
Compliance Wells
Cathodic Protection Wells
Nested and Cluster wells
1” to 2” Micro Wells
2” and 4” wells via hollow stem auger
Well Remediation
Well Sampling
Well development, purging, and rehabilitation
Well Abandonment and Decommissioning
Remediation system construction and decommission
Air Sparge, Sparge Point Installation
Direct push technologies / Geoprobe
Site investigation
Injection remediation
Undisturbed Sampling
Emergency response
Soil Boring & Sampling
MacroCore sampling
Discrete groundwater sampling
Continuous split spoon sampling
Landfill Sampling Probes
Soil-Gas Sampling Probes
Low Clearance, Angle and Vertical Drilling

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