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Direct Push Services

Direct Push Technology

Direct push technologies (DPT) (often referred to as GeoProbe®) are a category of equipment that push or drive steel rods into the ground. They allow cost-effective, rapid sampling and data collection from unconsolidated soils and sediments. A tremendous variety of equipment is available, particularly in the type of attachments used at the end of rods to collect samples and data. These attachments may collect soil, soil gas, or groundwater samples; they may conduct in situ analysis of contaminants; or they may collect geophysical data that are continuously logged as the DPT rods are advanced. Continuous logs of subsurface conditions are particularly valuable because they help to develop a three-dimensional conceptual site model. In addition, DPT may also inject ORC / Chemical Injection too. The bulk of Earth Tech Drilling's DPT work consists of soil and ground water sampling with pre-pack well installations.

Our DPT rigs have low clearance capabilities (10’) and offer H.S.A. drilling as well.

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Geoprobe Direct Push

Direct Push Services

Soil Sampling
Macro Soil Sampling
Dual Tube Soil Sampling
Water Sampling
Screen Point 15
Slotted Rod
Temp Well
Peristaltic Pump
Monitoring Well Installation
Pre-packed Well Installation
Piezometer Installation
Angle wells up to 45 degrees
BioChemical Injection

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